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Swim Team

Swim Team Website: Memorial Parkway Swim Team

By choosing to live in Memorial Parkway, you have many opportunities afforded to you. One of the most fun is SWIM TEAM*.   The Memorial Parkway Marlin Swim Team is made up of approximately 130 hard working young people from our neighborhood. To register for Swim Team you must:   Be a resident of Memorial Parkway.  Have a valid MPCA ID card.  Have some swimming ability.   Registration for Swim Team is usually held during March/ April of each year. Check Parkscripts and website for details on specific dates and times.   Swim Team is not a substitute for swim lessons. The age range for our team is 4-5 years of age (must have some swimming ability) to 18 years of age.  

Swimmers train and compete in their own age groups ( i.e. 7-8, 9-10, etc.). Pre-season practice has swimmers new to the team beginning practice the first week of May and returning swimmers beginning the third week of May. Pre-season practice is held each afternoon at the Highland Knolls Pool.   Regular season practice begins the day after school is out. Practice is usually held each morning at the Highland Knolls pool. Swim meets usually begin the first week of June and continue through the end of June. At times there may be up to 2 meets per week. The season is completed with the annual Meet of Champs and All Star Meet weekend for those swimmers that qualify.  

Remember.....Swim Team is a wonderful way to incorporate exercise and fun into your child’s summer and a great way to meet your neighbors!!!   * While MPCA supports the swim team, we are not affiliated with them.

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