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Pool Access - CELLBADGE

Since March of 2019 Memorial Parkway has used an online system called CELLBADGE for pool access. All residents over 2 years old, who want to use any of our facilities (clubhouse, pool, tennis courts), must have a registered virtual ID via CELLBADGE.

What is CELLBADGE Facility Access Database?

CellBadge allows HOA, pool committee or other community representatives to control access to pool facilities using a real-time database and paperless online registration. CellBadge is an online service that allows lifeguards to know who has valid access to pools. Lifeguards identify patrons by homeowner Last Name and Street Address. CellBadge lists all the family members associated with the home and let’s lifeguards know if they have a Valid, Invalid, Registered or Unregistered access status.
How do I register?

1. Add (or Update) your Memorial Parkway pool pass online at

2. Go to I Need... to Register section. Click on the green "REGISTRATION" button for initial add request and to begin the process.

3. Go to the "Not Approved Yet? You need to register" section. Fill out the Initial Add Request form. 

4. Once your registration is verified, then you will recieve an email message to complete your registration. Your registration will remain pending until you complete the next step. 

5. Follow the link in the email and fill out the "Registered Previously or Approved" section. Enter in your email address and mobile number and hit the "Request PIN" button. 

6. The PIN number will be sent via text to your mobile number. Enter the PIN number on the CellBadge Website.

7. Once you are into your account, complete your name and information. Add every member of your household that is living at the Memorial Parkway address. Do not add anyone not living at the home; they can come to the pool as guest. 

8. The final stage of taking your picture and members of your household must be completed before you are able to swim. The first time you go to the pool, bring a picture id with you such as your driver's liscense. The lifeguards will look you up on the device, verify your identity and take your picture. 

Please note that you must complete the first 7 steps prior to coming to the pool to swim. If you do not have access to the internet or a smart phone, please come by the office to get registered prior to going to the pool. 

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