Mobile Pet Clinic

The Mobile Vet Clinic will be at the Cimarron Clubhouse, Thursday, October 16th from 4pm to 7pm. They will be providing low cost vet care and vaccines.
The Mobile Vet Clinic is an establishment that provides low-cost neighborhood health clinics for small animals. Our goal and promise is to offer residents convenience and savings; as well as to offer their pets the most up to date services to maintain their well being.
For more information you can go to

Texas Neighbor's Night Out

b4wykasd66Memorial Parkway is participating in Texas National Neighborhood Night Out again and would like you to be a part of our National Night Out team. We would like to have representatives from each street to help in organizing a small event for your block for the evening of Tuesday, October 7, 2014. Gatherings are usually held between the hours of 5 and 8pm. It is very easy. Just distribute a flyer on your street to let everyone know the day, date, and time, add in a few simple refreshments like cookies and lemonade, bring out the lawn chairs and enjoy and evening out with your neighbors. We can assist with providing flyer templates and will also publicize the event on your website, Next Door, and Facebook page to let everyone know which streets are hosting events. If you are able to join the Night-out Team, please contact the office so that we can add you to the list of volunteers and help with any questions you may have. Please e-mail us at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


August Security Report

SECURITY REPORT August 1, 2014 through August 31, 2014

911 Hang-up                                           3

 Accident/Major                                      2

Accident/Minor                                       3

Accident/Injury                                       2

 Alarm                                                     12

Animal/Aggressive                                 3

Animal/Humane                                     5

 Assault                                                   2

 Assault/Family                                      3

 Assault/Sexual                                       1

 Burglary/Habitat                                   1

 Burglary/Motor vehicle                         11                                         

 Check Park                                             3  

Child Custody Dispute                             7

 Contract Checks                                    158

Credit Card Abuse                                   1

 Discharge Firearm                                 1

 Disturbance/Family                                   5

 Disturbance/Juvenile                             1

 Disturbance/Loud Noise                        8

Disturbance/Other                                  10

 Domestic/Prevent                                  1               

 Follow-up                                               6

In Progress                                              2

 Incident Report                                      6

 Information Calls                                  80

 Meet the citizen/officer                           34

Mental Case                                            2

Missing Person                                       2

 Neighborhood Check                               16

 Parking Lot Check                                   1

Property Found/Lost                               2

 Solicitors                                                                1

 Special Assignment                               1

Stranded Motor Vehicle                         2

Suspicious Person                                   13

Telephone Harassment                          1

Terroristic Threat                                    2

Traffic Initiative                                      10

 Traffic Stops                                            30

      Citations              14

      Warnings             11

      Arrests                  1

      Other                    4

Vacation Watch                                      22

 Vehicle Suspicious                                 8

Vehicle Stolen                                         1

 Warrant Service                                     1             

 Welfare Check                                       3

Miscellaneous                                         3

Writ                                                         1


SECURITY REPORT July 1, 2014 through July 31, 2014

911 Hang-up                                           1

Accident/Auto/Pedestrian                      1 

Accident/Major                                       2

Accident/Minor                                       4

Accident/Injury                                       2

 Alarm                                                     11

Animal/Humane                                     6

Arson/Fire                                               1

Assault/Aggravated                                                1

Assault/Family                                       2

  Burglary/Motor vehicle                        2                                           

 Check Business/Park                              4   

 Contract Checks                                    129

 Criminal Mischief                                       4

Discharge Firearm                                  1

 Disturbance/Family                                   2

Disturbance/Fireworks                           2

Disturbance/Juvenile                              2

 Disturbance/Loud Noise                        2

Disturbance/Other                                  7

DOA                                                         1

Domestic/Prevent                                   2                 

Drug OD/Poss.                                        1

 Follow-up                                               3

Forgery                                                    1

Fraudulent Use of ID                              2

 Incident Report                                      5

 Information Calls                                   46

 Meet the citizen/officer                          18

 Neighborhood Check                               14

Open Door/Window                               1

 Parking Lot Check                                   1

Property Found/Lost                               2

Robbery                                                   1

Runaway                                                 3

Solicitors                                                 2

 Special Assignment                               3

Suicide                                                    1

 Suspicious Person                                  12

 Theft/Other                                           5                   

Theft/Residence                                       1

Traffic Initiative                                      20

Traffic Hazard                                         2

 Traffic Stops                                            20

      Citations              9

      Warnings             6

      Arrests                  1

      Other                    4

Vacation Watch                                      8

Vehicle Speeding                                    1

 Vehicle Suspicious                                 11

 Warrant Service                                     2             

 Welfare Check                                       6

Miscellaneous                                         3


National Neighbor's Night Out

National Neighbor's Night Out is Tuesday, August 5th!! Everyone is asked to show their support by turning on their porch lights!! We are going to have a neighborhood cookout at the Cimarron Pool from 6:30pm-8pm. We will have hotdogs & maybe some games. The Constables will be there. Come meet your neighbors and help our neighborhood fight crime!!b4wykasd66

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