Home Flooding

We hope that none of our residents experienced any water flooding their homes over the past week. If you did Harris County is asking that homeowners report it to them.



Cimarron Pool Update

Cimarron Pool Update: We are very disappointed that the weather is not cooperating with the pool plaster repair work at Cimarron Pool. We were initially having 3 lights replaced at the pool. It was pretty extensive and the deck had to be cut. In order to replace the deep end light the contractor had to drain the pool. We were not anticipating the deep end light needing to be replaced and the pool drained.

We knew that the plaster was nearing the end of it's lifespan and would need to be redone in the near future. Once the pool was drained, you could see how badly damaged the pool plaster was. We then had to decide if we would re-plaster before filling back up the pool or wait and drain the pool next winter to replaster.

Looking at the timeline, we decided to save the cost of water and to replaster the pool this year since it was already drained. We quickly got to work on securing 3 bids and hiring a contractor for the job. We were scheduled to be done with the job and filling the pool by May 20th. Due to the rain that timeline has been pushed back. The pool has been chipped out, power washed, bonded and were are now just waiting for two no rain days to plaster the pool. The timeline is 2 days for plaster, 2 days to fill the pool, and 2-3 days to balance the chemicals in the water.

We deeply apologize that the Cimarron Pool has not been available. We only open one pool one weekends each year in May. Not anticipating all the rain we were confident Cimarron Pool would be completed by the end of May. Swim team uses the Highland Knolls Pool and we are working together to optimize pool hours for everyone.

Thank you for your patience as we are confident that we will have both pools open very soon.


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2015 Splash Day

Come join your neighbors at the pool for a kick off to the summer. We have a major neighborhood pool party each year to celebrate summer!!

Saturday, June 13th from 12pm to 4pm at the Cimarron Pool

Enjoy pizza, snow cones, drinks, games and prizes. Everyone gets a free slice of pizza, a drink and a snow cones. Additional food items can be purchased at $1 per pizza slice or drink and $2 for a snow cone. Please remember to bring your Pool ID’s. You may want to bring a lawn chair because we tend to run out of pool furniture. 
If you would like to volunteer… we need your help, please contact the MPCA office. We look forward to seeing everyone at the pool.

**We had to reschedule Splash Day from May 30th due to Cimarron Pool Repair delayed to all the rain. 



Magic Show Special Event

downloadMemorial Parkway neighborhood special event!!                   Tuesday, July 7th at 7pm
Join us for a special show by our very own resident Tommy Blaze!Tommy Blaze is a award winning master magician and illusionist. He will be performing his superb magic show with fire and live animals for the neighborhood children in the MPCA clubhouse. The Board will have a ice cream bar with all the toppings as a snack for the children as they watch the show. Be sure to attend this special event.


Trash Collection

wca-residential-services-68We have been receiving many calls with trash collection issues. We do not manage that contract, but we do attempt and try to obtain information from the Muds regarding the trash collection. (The Muds handle the trash collection. Each homeowner pays for that on their monthly water bill.) 

This morning, Mud #81 contacted our office and asked us to let everyone know that next Monday, WCA will have TWO trucks come by. One will be the automated truck to pick up the issued trash receptacle (large trash can) and the second truck will come by to pick up other items that are not in the trash receptacle (large trash can).


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