MPCA Office Hours for the Week Of Thanksgiving

MPCA Office Hours for the Week of Thanksgiving
Monday and Tuesday, November 23rd and 24th 9am-5pm
Wednesday, November 25th 9am-2pm CLOSED EARLY
Thursday and Friday, November 26th and 27th CLOSED

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Payment Plans for 2016 HOA Dues

duesletter2016 HOA Dues are due by January 1, 2016. Payment plans are available in the office. You must come into the office prior to November 30th, 2015 to get on a payment plan at no cost. Plans will consist of 3 monthly payments (November-$125 down payment, December-$125, and January-$100). In the month of December we will still do payment plans but there will be a $25 payment plan fee. After December, payment plans will no longer be available.



Annual Meeting of MP Members/Homeowners

Election Results: 2016 MPCA Board of Directors Election Results: 
Thank you to everyone who voted in the Board Election. On November 10th, at the Annual Meeting of Members, we met the quorum with 254 proxies cast. It was a close election, with Barbara Burleson and Charles Herring relected for another 3 year term.


Our Annual Meeting of members is Tuesday, November 10th at 7pm. Please, if you are unable to attend the meeting in person, fill out the proxy that was recently mailed to you and drop it off at the HOA Office at any time before the meeting. You can drop it through the mail slot in the door if the office is closed. You can also vote online via Survey Monkey.

We are legally required to get a quorum for the meeting so we can elect the Board members. If we don't get a quorum, we'll have to schedule another meeting and send out mailings again to everyone, costing the HOA hundreds of dollars.

If possible, please talk to your neighbors and collect proxies from them if they won't be able to attend the meeting. Thanks for your help in support of our community!





Accident/Minor 4
Alarm 10
Alarm/silent 1
Animal Aggressive 2
Animal/Humane 10
Assault 1
Burglary/Motor vehicle 1 
Check Business/Park 8
Contract Checks 227 
Disturbance/Family 2
Disturbance/Juvenile 2
Disturbance/Loud Noise 4
Disturbance/Other 1
Domestic/Prevent 1
Follow-up 9
Forgery 1
Fraudulent Use/ID 3
Incident Report 5
Information call 60
Meet the citizen/officer 26
Mental Case 1 
Open Door/Window 3
Property Found/Lost 1
Stranded Motor Vehicle 3
Suspicious Person 11
Theft/Other 3
Terroristic Threat 1
Theft/Other 2
Traffic Initiative 22
Traffic Hazard 1
Traffic Stops 25
Warnings 8
Citations 15
Other 2
Unk Medical Emergence 4
Vacation Watch 8
Vehicle Repossession 3
Vehicle Suspicious 13
Warrant Service 1
Welfare Check 3


Deed Violations not resolved as of October 12, 2015

deedrestrictions2 Deed Violations not resolved as of October 12, 2015

AC Units 5
Boarded Windows/doors 2
Chimney repairs 0
Decorations 1
Exterior repairs/Rotten wood 28
Exterior paint 12
Fence repair 10
Garage Door Repair 2
Garbage/Trash Cans 32
Grass parking 5
Gutter repair 3
Lawn Maintenance/grass in seams 44
Lawn Maintenance/dead tree 2
Lawn Maintenance – mowing 41
Lawn Maintenance/re-sod 28
Lawn Maintenance – stumps 5
Lawn Maintenance – trimming 11
Lawn Maintenance – edging 33
Mail Box Repair/Replacement 2
Mold/mildew 17
Stored items 27
Sidewalk repair 25
Driveway repair 5
Stored Vehicles 26
Vehicle repairs 2
Window treatment 7



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