New Trash Company for MUD #81

best-trash-truckMud #81 has hired a new trash company, Best Trash!! They will start Monday, October 19th. This is for Mud #81 residents only who live North of Highland Knolls. You will get new trash recepticles delivered to your home. Trash days will be Monday & Thursday with recycling on Thursday. WCA will have to pick up their old cans but we have not gotten details on that yet. Please see attached information sheet from Best Trash.

See attached letter from Best Trash Notice


Seniors Cards and Coffee

imagesSeveral people suggested that they would like to have a time for seniors to get together in the clubhouse. We are open to the idea and have tried this in the past... there was not much interest. If there is interest, we are more than happy to support the idea. We will open up the clubhouse and have coffee and bagels for seniors to meet and get to know your neighbors. We have some cards and other games that we will set out if anyone is interested in getting a game going. If the group stays consistent, we have lots of ideas such as pot luck luncheons.

Please join us for our first Seniors Coffee & Cards.

Wednesday, October 14th 9:30am to 11:30am

MP Cimarron Clubhouse

21600 Cimarron Parkway


Low Cost Mobile Vet Clinic

imagescaraw16zThe Mobile Vet Clinic will be at the Cimarron Clubhouse, Thursday, October 22nd from 4pm to 6:30pm. They will be providing low cost vet care and vaccines.
The Mobile Vet Clinic is an establishment that provides low-cost neighborhood health clinics for small animals. Our goal and promise is to offer residents convenience and savings; as well as to offer their pets the most up to date services to maintain their well being.
For more information you can go to

Memorial Parkway Playgroup

A group of Mom's in Memorial Parkway have formed a playgroup. We will have play dates in homes, our playground, local parks and other outings around Katy. Our goal is for our children to build friendships, for each other to build friendships, and build our sense of community in Memorial Parkway. If you are interested in joining the group please check out their Group Page on Facebook.


2016 Board of Directors Election

2016 Board of Directors Election

On November 10, 2015 we will have our annual meeting and election for 2 positions on the Board of Directors for a 3-year term beginning January 1, 2016.  There are several options in which you can vote. You may vote in person at the annual meeting or by Proxy at any time before the election.  You may vote by proxy online at or by filing out the Proxy/Directed Ballot and turning it into the office. We urge you to cast your vote in order for us to meet our quorum of 10% of the total homeowners in Memorial Parkway. 


The candidates for these 2 positions are as follows:

Barbara Burleson

I am seeking election for another term on the Board of Directors.  I have been employed with a construction company as Executive Vice President and Treasurer for a total of 30 years.  Also I have served on the National Board of National Association of Women in Construction.  I am currently on the MPBA Board and have been involved for several years having served as President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  I have lived in the Katy area for 36 years and Memorial Parkway for 15 years.  My goals have not changed, which is to keep our neighborhood safe for our families, and our homes well kept.  This is and will continue to be important to me personally.  It is a great feeling to know that we can live in a nice well-kept neighborhood even though our homes are 30 to 40 years old.   And we all can work toward that goal and be proud of Memorial Parkway.  I ask you to vote in our election and vote for me.  Thanks.

Chris Collard

My wife and I have been married for 28 years and have been residents of Memorial Parkway Subdivision since September 1999.  Our son graduated from Taylor High School and we have enjoyed the Katy area.

I have worked in The IT/Customer Service field for over 20 years focusing on the Customer Service aspect of it.  I really enjoy helping clients get what they need.

I am conservative, but not Republican or Democrat, neither party interests me.  I honestly don’t see the difference.  I have always tried to live my life by not majoring on the minors and focusing on what is important.

Charles Herring

I have lived in Memorial Parkway for 28 years and have been involved with the homeowners association for 12 years while serving on the Board for the past 9 years.  Prior to this, I served with my wife, Susan, on the Security Committee for many years.  Keeping property values high and our neighborhood safe are my foremost priority.  As an auditor for 35 years, I understand the value of money and the proper/ethical use of it.  I enjoy visiting with my neighbors at the Board and committee meetings, listening to their concerns while helping them find an equitable solution.  My children grew up in this neighborhood and I will strive to do my best to keep it a good and safe neighborhood.  Your vote would be appreciated.

Michael Olsen

My name is Michael Olsen and I have lived in the Memorial Parkway neighborhood for 17 years with my wife Kim and our two children, Cameron and Mikayla.  Our family’s experience as residents of Memorial Parkway has been an enjoyable one.  We are members of Epiphany of the Lord Catholic Church and we have great neighbors and wonderful friends in the neighborhood and community!  Our son, Cameron, has attended Memorial Parkway Elementary School and Junior High and graduated from Taylor High School in 2014.  He attended the University of Houston this past year.  Our daughter, Mikayla, attended MPE and is currently attending MPJH in the 7th grade.  Both have been very active in their schools’ theatre arts programs and also as members of the Memorial Parkway Swim Team.  My wife, Kim, the heart of our family, has raised our children and been very active in supporting them in their endeavors over the years, most recently serving as Vice President of the Memorial Parkway Swim Team in 2015.  Kim and I also served as C0-Treasuers for the Taylor PlayMakers Booster Club in 2014.

My career path has been primarily in mid-level retail management for Lowe’s Home Improvement and Albertsons/Randalls grocery stores.  I am currently a Category Manager for Albertsons/Randalls Houston Division.  As a manager, some of the strengths I’ve been recognized for are strong leadership skills, including an ability to work as a team player, working efficiently and fairly toward negotiating win-win outcomes, an ability to innovate and problem solve creatively and a willingness to help with a positive attitude.  The nine y years I spent in the Marine Corps Reserves early on in life, taught me the values of integrity, solidarity and commitment to service that I carry with me to this day.

The Memorial Parkway community has provided a great environment in which to live and to raise our children.  I have watched this community grow and evolve over the past 17 years and have often felt inspired to contribute more.  I would welcome the opportunity to give back by serving on the HOA board over the next term.  What I would bring to the position is years of management experience, highlighted with the strengths listed above, along with a passion for life and a love for people and my community.  I believe everyone’s voice should be heard as we work through issues together to help Memorial Parkway continue to thrive!


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