Early Voting for Harris County MUD #81 Board Election

Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 81 is empowered to purchase, construct, operate, and maintain all works, improvements and facilities necessary for the supply of water, for the collection and processing of wastewater and for control and diversion of storm water. It is also allowed to provide parks and recreation, fire protection, garbage and security. (From Mud #81 Website)

There are 3 Board Positions open for the upcoming Mud #81 Election on May 10th, 2014.

There are 3 Mud #81 incumbents who are currently on the Board running for re-election.

Two of Memorial Parkway Community Association Board of Directors, Barbara Burleson and Mike Brahm, are also running for the Mud #81 Board.

Barbara Burleson and Mike Brahm are running for the election, because they feel that the MUD can do more to help Memorial Parkway Subdivision and Homeowners. They feel that there is a lack of communication between the Mud and the Association. They have seen other Mud Districts helping the subdivisions they service by providing funds for street lights, security, parks, neighborhood fencing, etc. They would like to have a position on the Mud #81 Board to try and provide a better relationship and hopefully help to improve our beautiful community. They sincerely ask that you please show your support for our neighborhood and go vote in the upcoming election.

You must bring your Voter Registration Card or Drivers License with you to vote.


Marlin's Swim Team

Memorial Parkway Summer Swim Team League
Yes!  It's that time of year to sign up for  Memorial Parkway's Summer Swim Team!
All registrations are held at the Memorial Parkway Community Association Clubhouse located at 21600 Cimarron Parkway.
Registration Dates:
March 27th 6 - 8 pm
April 7th 2 - 4 pm
April 13th 2 - 4 pm
April 27th 2 - 4 pm
Check out our website at:
Come join the FUN! Go MARLINS!
Please note:  If you are a resident of Memorial Parkway, you must have your 2014 HOA dues paid in full in order to participate on the team. You must also bring a validated Pool ID for 2014 with you to registration.  You can drop off your pool ID's at the HOA office.  If you have any questions regarding your HOA dues or your pool ID, please contact HOA office at 281-492-7130.
If you have any further questions not answered on the website, please e-mail us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Trash Can Notice from Mud #81

Notice to residents of HC MUD 81
Placement of Trash Cans

Contrary to a recent notice telling customers to place their trash cans in the street with the wheels touching the curb, we recently found out from the County Commissioner that in Harris County, residents can't have trash cans in the street. They must go on the curb with wheels facing the house and not in the street.


Security Report for February


911 Hang Up         1

Accident/Minor       4

 Alarms      9

Animal/aggressive      1

Animal/Humane  4

Burglary/Habitat   1

 Check Park/Business      7

 Contract Checks    84

Criminal Mischief     2

Discharge Firearm  1

Disturbance/Family     2

Disturbance/Juvenile  1

Disturbance/Fireworks   3

Disturbance/Loud Noise   5

Disturbance/Other    3                     

Domestic/Prevent     1

Follow-up     6

Incident Report    2

 Information Calls     42

 Meet the citizen/Office   14

 Mental Case    1

 Missing Person     1

Neighborhood/Parking Lot  9

 Property Found/Lost    1

Runaway     1

 Solicitors    1

Special Assignment   2

 Suspicious Person    12    

Theft/Other     2           

 Traffic Initiative   6

Traffic Hazard   4

Traffic Stops     7

      Citations    5

      Warnings   2

Vacation Watch     3

 Vehicle Abandoned    1

 Vehicle Suspicious     4

Warrant Service    1

Welfare Check      5




New Garbage & Recycle Cart Information


The change that was made by Royale Disposal concerning trash pick-up has been difficult for both our residents and our deed restriction committee.  Please note that this Association had nothing to do with the change and we were not notified by either MUD 81 or Royale Disposal that anything was going to change.  We found out when the huge trash cans were being delivered with the note attached giving instructions as to how and when our trash was going to be picked-up.

In order to give everyone ample time to adjust, we did not send any deed violation notices out in January, but we did start back up again in February.  We then learned that in some areas, recycling cans had not been picked up on Tuesday as scheduled.  We deleted that notice from every resident that contacted us about the problem.  If this happens to you, please let us know so that we can keep our records straight.

After trash is picked up on Monday, the can must be moved from curb-side to its permanent storage place before the next morning.  If it’s at the street when the inspector goes by on any day after that, a violation notice will be sent out.  After the recycle bin is emptied on Tuesday, it must be moved from curb-side to its permanent storage place before the next morning.  If it’s at the street on any day after that, a violation notice will be sent out. 

The large cans have created a storage problem for some of our residents.   We ask that you keep them in a location that is less obvious as viewed from the street.  If the cans are stored in front of the garage, on the porch, or on the driveway, we will be sending a deed restriction notice.   If you have no other place to store the cans and must keep them beside the house or garage, they must be placed as far back from the street as possible. 

In the last year or so, we were beginning to see a big improvement in the over-all appearance of the neighborhood with everyone’s cooperation in keeping their trash cans out of public view.  We’re hoping that we can find a solution to this matter in order to keep our community attractive.  It is our understanding that you can request a smaller can from Royale Disposal, which may help you find a place to store it out of public view.


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